The problems are those undesirable situations or unmet needs, damaging circumstances or potentially harmful to our interests or our group, which can be addressed through individual or collective action plans. Through Coaching, problems that constitute an obstacle to personal productivity or of the entity, group or company in which we integrate and develop are addressed and solved. We consider the problems as opportunities so that, once solved, we can obtain relevant learnings that lead us to a process of personal or group improvement. And finally it is appropriate to highlight which problem is all that can be solved. If you do not have a solution, we can not call it a problem.

In many occasions, the worst problem is to ignore the existence or scope of them. As always, ignorance is the worst of the evils that can affect us. We highlight the following situations:
• Ignore the existence of a problem. Lack of foresight makes problems appear unexpectedly and perhaps in a more damaging way. We will talk later about how problems can be predicted.
• Knowing that there is a problem not identifying it clearly. The lack of adequate reflection can prevent the isolation of the important and urgent problem. This, generally, appears with other not so relevant.
• Do not isolate the main causes of the problem. Problems can have multiple causes, some more relevant than others, but to handle the situation it is necessary to define the most important ones. • Do not limit the problem within manageable limits. To solve the problem it is necessary to generate a realistic action plan, with clear objectives, resources and timeline.
• Patch the problem with partial solutions. It occurs when our action is not well oriented and in some way we run at the pace imposed by circumstances without taking the initiative. In this case, the effects of the problem are dealt with, but not the causes.

The difficulty of identification or early perception of problems derives in many cases of mental, sociocultural, conceptual, psychological or emotional blocks that ensure our ability to anticipate the risks that become problems. These blockages can be overcome with the use of methodologies of analysis and problem solving, that is, training our mind for anticipation, analysis and planning of responses to negative circumstances. With Coaching we use tools and with analytical intelligence we resort to asking questions and finding good answers, based on logic and reasoning. The usual steps are the following:
1.- Identification and selection of the problem.
2.- Analysis of the problem.
3.- Generation of potential solutions.
4.- Selection and planning of the solution.
5.- Implementation of the solution
6.- Evaluation of the solution.

Coaching allows us in an analytical way to solve situations or problems, both at a personal level or from management in institutions, to achieve focus and achieve the highest productivity of the individual or individuals in these institutions.

Several of the engineers associated and working for L.C.B. engineering & construction, took COACHING EXPRESS courses and specialized, in the Condor Blanco Organization, to be aware and have the tools to help senior executives in different industries, to achieve their highest performance in terms of their functions within and outside the industry or company they represent.